Sunday’s Special – Introducing Von Dewey


David Dewey is a resident of Seattle, Washington, USA. Having been influenced by a wide range of artists and aesthetic music, David, as his soundcloud bio says, was ” Banished from his home planet onto a passing meteorite. His crime? Rocking too hard.”

Art in Soul

Art in Soul

Buried deep in the Hyderabad artist scene is Preethi Manepalli, an artist painting soulful, spiritual themes. A Media Manager at Google Inc during the day, Preethi transforms into ‘Art in Soul’, a nom de guerre she chose to express her …

Welcome Aboard – Ziggy

Ziggys Blunts Cover Version 2 - b

Born in France, brought up in Germany, Ziggy arrived in India in 2001 and since has been actively promoting Breakdance, MC’ing, Graffiti and Turntabilism in the New Delhi NCR Area…

Beatevolution + Start from Scratch


In town recently as a part of the Beatevolution India tour, Grizzly Adams & DJ Uri (Start from Scratch) visits Monkey Radio India headquarters and made exclusive mix for it’s listeners.

Welcome Aboard – Deep Space Travelers


Monkey Radio India welcomes Mr. Teebag, Dr. Analog and Ozon aboard, together known as “Deep Space Travelers”. Hailing from Hungary, they represent a chunk of underground artists from the famous Tilos Radio.