Beatevolution + Start from Scratch

Grizzly Adams, based in Berlin was inn town recently as a part of the Beatevolution India tour. Dakta Dub at Monkey Radio India had the opportunity to catch up with him and have a brief conversation about music and equipment.

Apart from touring Birla Mandir and Santosh Dhaba, Grizzly recorded a wonderful mix for listeners of Monkey Radio India. His tour with Uri Solanki, another prolific DJ from Mumbai came to an end with some graffiti on the walls of Monkey Radio India Headquarters by Till Van Loosen, fashion photographer based in Berlin who accompanied the duo for the tour.

We present to you an exclusive mix by Grizzly.

Monkey Radio India features Grizzly Adams {Beatevolution} by Monkey Radio India on Mixcloud

Uri Solanki provides us with a follow up set. DJ Uri is a turntablist from London, UK. DJ Uri has been active for over 25 years and as a DJ, Uri has played at a number of international venues and also has toured India extensively. He also founded the Alien Asian Collective in 2004 with his brother.

This set is very special for Uri himself, after feeling intense vibrations in the Monkey Foundation Studio in Esamiya Bazar, Hyderabad.

Monkey Radio India Features DJ Uri {Start from Scratch} by Monkey Radio India on Mixcloud