Kid Move


Hi, I am Rahul Allam a.k.a Kid Move. Born and brought up in India. Graduate from Leeds College Of Music. It was during….

Amul Lokanathan

amul lokanathan

DJ and critically acclaimed Electronic Music enthusiast Amul Lokanathan carves a niche every time he is behind the console.

Dakta Dub

Dakta Dub

Dakta Dub‘s career started in 2004 when he flew to Hungary. Destiny led him to Tilos Radio and revealed underground music.

Dr. Analog


Dr. Analog is a very deep thinker and you can hear it while he is playing hipnotic dub mixes or roots….

Mr. Nobody


Satish Matta is the foundation Dj/Selector from Hyderabad roots, his musical expression is influenced by various eclectic styles..

Mr. Teebag

Zsolt Adam

Mr. Teebag is making very dope beats and loves good kind of techno also…



Ozy Breaks: The last 15 years while he is playing and making tunes he was hooked up on hip-hop, acid, minimal, electro…