“The World IS Music”


From the markets of Hyderabad, India to the chants of Tibetan monks, the meaning of ‘live’ music has gone up a mighty notch. This year, on the occasion of World Music Day…..

Unnayanaa’s EP Kaiser’s Trail


After a long wait UNNAYANAA is back with soulful music in his latest EP Kaiser’s Trail. The EP opens with a bansuri improvisation from Raag Bhimplaus and Afro-Latin rhythm…

Indiearth cloudcast by Monkey Radio India

Indiearth cloudcast monkey radio india

A touch of soul, an onslaught of bass, a finely woven web of electronica, a flashback to the past. The next IndiEarth Cloudcast compiled by Monkey Radio India trapezes seamlessly through a vast spectrum of musical genres, sounds and styles, featuring artists that are as diverse as they are wildly talented.

Music for a cause


Independent artist Bluesanova has teamed up with an NGO, Manav Foundation, to release a music video based on suicide and its prevention.