Sunday’s Special – Introducing Von Dewey

David Dewey is a resident of Seattle, Washington, USA. Having been influenced by a wide range of artists and aesthetic music, David, as his soundcloud bio says, was ” Banished from his home planet onto a passing meteorite. His crime? Rocking too hard.”

Associated with the Seattle underground scenes also working with a major multinational by day, David performs as a DJ under the name “Von Dewey”. He has played in a range of venues including Urban Light studios and Monas Bistro and lounge. While playing and touring this season in festivals across the USA, Monkey Radio India had the wonderful opportunity to have one of his sets at Photosynthesis festival recorded exclusively for us.

In his own words, his mix is “An organic mixture of tripped out dub and trip hop with a side of midtempo. Recorded on the final night of a Northwest US favorite festival, Photosynthesis”.

You can check his website at and listen to his mixes in a variety of genres including DnB, Psyamb and Techhouse at

Happy Friendship day!

Sunday Special: Introducing Von Dewey 04.08.2013 by Monkey Radio India on Mixcloud