Dakta Dub

Swayampakula Balasubramaniam a.k.a. Dakta Dub‘s career started in 2004 when he flew to Hungary for a Diploma. Destiny led him to Tilos Radio, Budapest and opened doors of underground music which he has been associated with since then. Here, Dakta Dub had the opportunity to play several genres of music such as Dub, Reggae, Drum and Bass and Hip Hop, not to mention the global chill-out sound that he subsequently associated himself with. What does Dakta Dub have to say about his music?

I’m really on a mission to take the sound to as many ears as possible. I want them to feel something in terms of music and spirituality. I know it’s a lot to ask, but if I stick to that formula which I have since Tilos Radio days with the infamous ‘Indian Lights Music’ programs, then one day it will happen in India too.