About us

Monkey Radio India is independent, honest and colourful.
Monkey Radio India is interactive.
Monkey Radio India is audience-oriented.
Monkey Radio India is non-profit, public and transparent.
Monkey Radio India is free of commercials.
Monkey Radio India has a civilian approach.
Monkey Radio India is the medium of the present and the future.

Monkey Foundation, the operator of Monkey Radio India, founded in Hyderabad, India, 2011.

Principle objective: Uplifting the urban society with respect to culture and art and it is of the people, by the people, for people.

The foundation is to promote all culture forms, music, literature, and arts to the community.


Monkey Radio India

Monkey Radio India is a way to harmonize the concept of an independent, liberated community. Its operational standards will be comparable to the international standards of radio broadcasting.

A Community Radio in its original form is a clearly defined medium, which usually operates for the needs of small, isolated communities. Monkey Radio India thinks of redefining the notion of community radio broadcasting for the development of urban community and thus plans to put it into practice. Even in the urban community, there are various social groups; Monkey Radio India aims to bind the various ethnic and social groups through the programs broadcasted by the radio.

At Monkey Radio India, we want to form a physically virtual, but otherwise very real liberated community.

Monkey Radio India is Independent, free from inhibitions and is all for the listeners.

Monkey Radio India is independent and with no political affiliations, and as a result it is not a station that belongs to one or more companies, culture pursuit, economic interest groups or political parties nor is it government controlled. It belongs solely to its listeners and makers. Monkey Radio India is the intellectual property of the program makers; Decisions are made by its creative community and elected members. Monkey Radio India’s style and tone is honest and straightforward but not offensive. The programs, interactions, arguments and opinions will voice all the opinions as we whole-heartedly support and profess about the power of the freedom of speech.


Monkey Radio India Principles and Values

Most of the programs are designed on audience participation. The active cooperation between hosts and listeners who “phone in” is the main element of program making. This not only applies to programs that use interactivity and content, but also with thematic and music programs as well. The programming flow will be never isolated, it materializes in a communication space determined and influenced by audience. The radio programs will advocate participatory radio broadcasting – where anyone from the audience can participate in the program, just as the host.


Monkey Radio India will be audience oriented

Expanding the listener ship will be the primary goal of Monkey Radio India. How ever this will not be the primary objective. Monkey Radio India does not serve its listeners, it stimulates them: the programs will inspire them to think, be more open, tolerant, and thus reach a deep understanding. The same goes for Monkey Radio India music selection, which is characterized by valuable and interesting styles that are not supported by any other radio stations even though these are very important for the development of community.


Monkey Radio India will be free of Commercials

The commercial free choice enables listeners to have an opportunity to be able avoid the necessary arrogance of advertisements. The programs of Monkey Radio India will be free of commercials, and most importantly, the program makers will not receive money for the service.


Fund raising

The primary fund rising is through the program makers and listeners will be in the form of donation. Also, we will lease out space on our web-site for organizations to promote themselves.

Other revenue sources for future will be to sell merchandise like bags, caps, t-shirts, events etc.


Monkey Radio India for the future

The programming flow of interactivity will enable the radio to create a new community development medium. Thus we can widen the boundaries of the radio genre by making use of different possibilities of digital media to reach out to wider audiences. At the same time, listeners will have a choice of listening to various contemporary musical and cultural trends, African, Arabic, Spanish, and Jamaica etc. These styles of programs and events enrich and transmit the culture of the community.


Monkey Radio India Programming structure

One of the main characteristics of Monkey Radio India programming structure is Musical diversity. The basic principal is to provide room for performers and trends from different variety styles ranging from experimental genres and world music to contemporary styles that cannot be heard anywhere else due to the lack of a proper platform.

The programming slots are based on interactivity and new ways of involving the audience in order to spread public service information are important aspects of the Monkey Radio India programming structure.

The Interactive programs are broadcast slots that rely on a two-way communication between the host and the listener – in participation, live discussions to fill a public service function, provide information on everyday life and public affairs. They help the listeners to deal with the daily tensions and frustrations of urban life and prompt listeners to get involved in community matters, to embrace social problems as their own and to consider aspects in every case. Although these are not traditional news programs, they nevertheless provide public information.