Rahul Ziggy B Gairola

Ziggys Blunts Cover Version 2 - b

Born in France, brought up in Germany, Ziggy arrived in India in 2001 and since has been actively promoting Breakdance, MC’ing…

Sashi Evani

Sashi_Monkey Radio

I am Sashi Evani, Musician, Rock Enthusiast, Corporate Slave. Happiness for me is listening to…

Selecta DreadHead


I first met reggae music in 1998. My brother came home with a bunch of reggae tapes and from that moment on…..

Selecta Psylenz

DJ Psylenz-Profile-Pic

To let people flow from the mundane life passing through the realms of human consciousness…..

Selekta Mango P

Mango P

Selecta Mango Pedro, is very well knowed in the west part of France, named “Bretagne”. He play there from 1991 and …



Inspired by the tribal and the cerebral, the duality and singularity, the integration of the external and the intrinsical……



I’m Sudarshan (artist name: VELUGU). SWATANTRAM is my show name, it means freedom.

Sushant Prasad


Named Sushant Prasad and chosen name Selekta Chakkra. This show brings the music with a purpose of jamming….



Although I have never been a professional DJ, from a long time, I’ve been an excited listener and collector of good music of any genre.