Kid Move

TheSituationHi, I am Rahul Allam a.k.a Kid Move. Born and brought up in India. Graduate from Leeds College Of Music .It was during my time in the University. I discovered Drum and Bass and dug into its history. Ever since then DnB stood out for me.The Hospitality Records events, Shogun  artists and many more have been my step into this Galactic, deep, dark, soulful yet powerful Music. I have been exploring,analysing,enjoying and am fully inspired by the complexity, style, production level and weight drum and bass carries (Only aim is to constantly make efforts to be able to make such Music) . Love is the word I would use to describe my desire and curiosity to experiment more with it.

Maximum respect and hands down to the people and artists that have been pushing their view in there own way so far.

Today I am thrilled and honoured to have this opportunity to run a radio show and play a role and be part of the amazing Monkey Radio India.