Prashanth Pallemoni

Prashanth Pallemoni has been experiencing music at various levels since birth. Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, during the 70’s, he spent his early years listening to a variety of music including his mother’s voice that sang Hindustani Classical/Hindi Film music on one hand and his father’s world travels that brought home Disco/Funk & Carribean Records. Being a part of a music loving family setup, he had access to operating tape machines and playing records from a collection that ranged from K.L.Saigal to Kraftwerk since a tender age of 4.

He is the driving force behind the Grey Soul Records concept, 1/3rd of the Bangalore based electro-acoustic band Schizophonic, Producer & Collaborator for the ancestry revival project UNNAYANAA. He DJs eclectic sets that include various genres blending them in his unique style with current and futuristic creative technological tools.