Selecta DreadHead

Greetings to each and every one.

I first met reggae music in 1998. My brother came home with a bunch of reggae tapes and from that moment on there was no way of turning back. I was taken by the vibe and the philosophy of Jamaican music.

Initially I was a listener but later on, exactly in August 1999 at the Hungarian Reggae Camp I got the inspiration to become a selector. I didn’t have enough records to play in that time and I was an university student so I started to collect records. This part was a real challenge in Hungary in those days. Basically I was interested in all kind of Jamaican music just as ska, rocksteady, early reggae, rockers, roots, dub, dancehall. After university I used to live in Szekesfehervar, Hungary where I found myself a little cocktail bar to play. Next year I moved to Szeged where I started to play at bigger parties with my friends and we founded the first reggae sound system called Shashamane Sound. Since than I had several radio shows, played at many reggae parties and festivals in solo and as part of Shashamane Sound.

Currently I live in London and consider myself rather a collector than a selector. I often receive invitations to play when I’m visiting Hungary and never leave without spinning my favorite records each time I’m there. If you like the sound of good reggae music, don’t miss my sessions here at Monkey Radio India!