Selekta Mango P

Selecta Mango Pedro, is very well knowed in the west part of France, named “Bretagne”. He play there from 1991 and is one of the oldest selecta in this area and the one who organised the more dances.His style is the “Conscious style”! No “violence calls” in the tracks Mango’s play! From that point, he never took part in any clash, but anyway fully loaded in exclusive dubplates, that do stay to the Glory of the All mighty, and not his own glory, as many sounds do.

From Sizzla to Johny Clark, Mango knows how to mash up a dance, on the mic he is full energy but follows the melody the songs he play! You’ll surely hear him shouting his favorites gimmicks as “Sita-Ram!!!” or even a “Yeah-Yeah” in a Bounty Killa style.He plays mostly “New Roots” but also Dubstep, dancehall, dub, roots or even Rub a Dub.

With more than 400 dances in “Bretagne” and all over France from 1991: he begins in the sound system “Busta Sound”(ska-rock steady) in Le Mans. Then he moves to Rennes and build the “Wanted Sound” (featuring daddy Seb et Mister Samy). But it’s allmost with the sound named “CallJah Crew” that he played the most.

Many venues such as: La péniche La Movida, in Rennes, La Fun House, L’UBU, salle de la cité, Le Liberté, … non stop! he played first part of many artist such as Capleton, Max Romeo, Tryo…..

Now he is in a “solo” career! Even if he plays often in combination with other selectas and MCs. Such as Selah Collins, MC Zal; MC Nunchaman, Early J, One Blood Sound….

Well, to caracterise Mango we should say “effectiveness”, by his experience in scene as selecta and pon the mic. he often plays in beetween the bands in big festivals, and know how to drive it to put a FIRE! In a club or on scene, Mango knows how to give a great reggae vibration to each and everyone in the crowd, and able to mix alone more than 3 hours!