Reggae DJ since 2002 with the “Roots Warriors Sound”, Rudy Roots Selekta has played in festivals, clubs and bars in France for many years, but also Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & north of Israel) in 2009, India (Goa -4 months-, Darhamsala, Mumbai & Delhi), Nepal (Pokhara -2months- & Kathmandu) in 2011 and 2012, Istanbul (Nayah Club), lately back in France, playing a few times in small parties, before going back to Turkey for planting again some seeds in Istanbul. Played with Broken Stick (FR), Soul Stereo (FR), Truth &Right (FR), Turbulent Sound (FR), My Lord (Israel), DJ Afficoman (Israel), Rasta Lion ( Israel), One Blood Sound (Israel) , Reggae Rajahs (India), Mr Williamz( UK-JA), NZ Selector (Russia), Original Steppa Style (Russia) and many more great people :) …

On a Reggae Mission, he is willing to play wherever he is and will be. Spreading the message of Reggae is for him an important mission. First of all spreading the music and its special vibration, but also exporting a part of the Rasta philosophy mixed with his own views and interpretations. Reggae can have a massive impact on the soul and on the consciousness, and so on the I(u)niverse, when listened to with the right understanding.Rudy Roots Selekta is now trying to play Reggae Music where it is less present, where the ground is ready to take the Reggae seed. One Love One World One Destiny One Aim.

Technics :
Rudy Roots Selekta is a real DJ, and so he is trying to give us an acurate mix based on the BPM and the vibrations with all kinds of Reggae (Roots, Rockers, Digital, Nu Roots, Dub, Ragga…). Playing usually on records, for the new era, the digital era, he is now playing also with the new technologies, the laptop and usb controller…

“There is a Natural Mystic flowing through the air,
If you listen carefully now,
You will hear.”

Bob Marley

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