Paaka: Doomsday Party

Paaka is located in the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of the Hyderabad city. “Paaka” meaning “Hut” in Telugu, the place is a BIG hut, which has been well designed and conceptualized.

The Doomsday party saw the Monkey team making history with never-heard-before eclectic music to bless the place with positive vibes. The music was very organic and reflective of the Vibe of Paaka: Indian, modern and cutting edge.

Shivacult played the starting set, debuting as an Indian Classical music selector. Combining tunes from various artists and Ragas, he weaved an exquisite one hour mix starting at 8:30 pm. His set included Compositions on the Sitar, the Flute and the Shehnai, blending in perfectly by matching pitch, as compared to DJs matching the rhythm.

DaktaDub, who is a pioneer in his own right, carried forward from the purely classical set to transform the mood into Bass filled electronica. Sounds of vedic chants, Nadhaswaram and the Tavil echoed through Paaka, the organicness of the place matching perfectly with the music being played for the evening in a contemporary way. DaktaDub’s set lasted for quite a long time, with a lot of influences including Dub, Ambient Psy and Dark Psy.

Mr Nobody was responsible for carrying forward the night by raising the tempo and the energy levels. A lot of vibrant compositions found way into his set, conscious tunes from the American deserts and colorful Dubby tunes from around the world. Emerging as a fine Selector, Mr Nobody is adding more force to the Monkey Arsenal with his ability to play more than one genre as time demands.

Eyespy on visuals was a kind of a short gimmick that lasted for a very small time. Supporting Dakta’s set with visualizations of Temples and abstract designs, Eyespy tried to create some space behind the decks.

The evening ended with Vikram playing some Dubstep, funky stepping rhythms. His set did not last long but his selections were very out-of-the-box.

Paaka has a lot of potential for promoting culture and  just as a lounge, a place away from the city, exclusive, and a secret well-kept.