Music for a cause

manav+bluesnovaIndependent artist Bluesanova has teamed up with an NGO, Manav Foundation, to release a music video based on suicide and its prevention.

Bluesanova aka Darshan Lodaya is an Electronic Music Producer from Mumbai and is releasing a new song, “The Power”. Bluesanova has been making his brand of music for over 15 years and gave up a decade of corporate life as a MBA working in the banking industry to chase his passions in music creation and production full time. His vision of collaborating with musicians and co-creators to create an eclectic sound resulted in collaborations with musicians from different walks of life.

The WHO estimates that 20% of the world’s half a million suicides are from India. Bluesanova believes suicide is a significant fallout of Mental Illness and one of the most saddening and wasteful events to happen. This music video is an attempt to address this malaise, to reduce stigma towards Mental Illness and to, most importantly, offer hope to those in distress. “I am really proud to be associated with MANAV Foundation who is doing some outstanding work in the field of Mental Health. I urge people to watch this video and spread it around social media to increase awareness about this serious problem so that people know there is help available at hand.”

In a survey done by National Survey Study Organization (NSSO) on disabled people in India, it was seen that the number of persons suffering from Mental Illness is 105 per one lakh population and it is one of the major disabilities seen today. MANAV Foundation is an organisation committed to the Manav Rehabilitation Centre, a centre for the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed. In recognition of the current dearth of services and the growing need for a multifaceted approach, the MANAV Foundation does pioneering work to offer counselling, treatment, support, to any persons afflicted with mental disorders and their families. Binaifer Jesia, Director, MANAV Foundation, states “the efficacy and necessity of psychosocial interventions have long since been ignored. The work done by the foundation has proven how integral it is to the successful and sustained recovery and subsequent reintegration of people with Mental Illness.”

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