Monkey Radio India – IndiEarth Wrap Up Cloudcast

monkey-radio-india-indiearthAs the countdown to the end of 2013 begins, Monkey Radio India brings us one last Cloudcast featuring exclusively, the sounds of IndiEarth artists that have made an impact on the independent music industry this year.

On Monkey Radio India’s IndiEarth Cloudcast 03, Dakta Dub seamlessly blends music by artists – both renowned and freshly discovered – in this 1 hour mix, that we have the  pleasure of presenting to you as Monkey Radio India’s Wrap-Up Cloudcast.

Dakta’s thirst for indie music led him to establish Monkey Radio India in 2011. When asked what his thoughts were on the year gone by, Dakta said, “it feels great to review IndiEarth artists and co-create a platform for their music to be heard. Indian artists today are truly incredible and I have thoroughly enjoyed mixing these cloudcasts for IndiEarth. From Classical to Folk to Jazz, it’s been a pleasure listening to the wide spectrum of music on IndiEarth. Thanks to each artist for giving me this opportunity and looking forward to what ever is in store next year…”

Monkey Radio India – IndiEarth’s 2013 Wrapup Cloudcast by Monkey Radio India on Mixcloud

Track List:

  1. Yidam – Ravivar Interlude
  2. Aditya Pathak – Nirvana – The Ultimate Farewell
  3. Ravi Iyer – Hamsadhwani
  4. Jim Ankan Deka and Suchethan Rangaswamy – Eastwards (Instrumental)
  5. Project YUJ – Reethigowla Blues
  6. Sez – Slayer
  7. Tavleen Singh (T.A.V) – Flying Aura
  8. Abiogenesis – Saramati Tears
  9. Aditya Pathak – Joyous Breeze
  10. Tetseo Sisters – O Rhosi
  11. Nipun Nair – Kalyani Funk
  12. Donn Bhat – 107
  13. Madhusudan Singh Solanki – Om Joy Mantra
  14. Sapta – The Sound of This Nation
  15. Rhythm Method – Free Your Mind
  16. Shivacult – Bengaluru to Yelahanka