DUB’in & STEP’in with Rudy Roots Selekta

Dub’in and Step’in in Ten Sports Bar and grill had its fortnightly dose of some of the classiest music in Hyderabad to party with.

Daktadub’s dub set spanned through a lot of different influences, fresh new music that is barely heard in the redundant electronically scene in India. With images of ancient architecture flaring on the screen, DaktaDub’s mix set the mood for the evening.

Mr Nobody blessed the evening with reggae tunes, careful selections that carried on the vibe into a dancy bouncy pace with more people into the dance floor skankin to the music. Eyespy now carried on visual duties from Shivacult who made the introductory set.

Rudy Roots Selekta’s tools consists of a Windows+Traktor setup and a Numark mixtrack which he chooses for an analogue feel. His style of playing is sweet and very progressive. His set can take one through a very interesting series of events musically and emotionally. “This is one of my best parties”, he says. “I felt completely at home playing for Hyderabad.”

Irieboy’s special appearance supported the party with insane vocal electronica, Dubstep and DnB beats looped and improvised upon. Wobbles, snares and the kicks were really accurate. Who knows, the seventeen year old might be hiding a beat machine in his throat!

Shivacult’s set on visuals was based on ancient temple architecture and mystic figures. The set was carried over by Eyespy, who has loads of experience in this domain. His set explored rudimentary design patterns, multifaceted video clips ranging through a lot of colours.

The final set lasted till late in the night with DaktaDub belting out some deep wobbly Dub (NOT read Dubstep). Mr Richard’s sound provided support to all the heaviness. Dravidan was seen playing his “parai”, a folk instrument from Tamil Nadu. Technically and Musically, this party has been one of the finest performances in the Hyderabad cultural scene. Cheers to all the support and audience.