DUB NAWABZ pres. DUB’in & STEP’in

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Date(s) - October 24, 2012 - October 31, 2012
5:56 pm


DUB NAWABZ pres. DUB’in & STEP’in, AUG 4, 10 Sports Bar & Grill

“Dub Nawabz” is a banner under which Dakta Dub, Selekta Goad and Shivacult are promoting newer genres into the Hyderabad music circuit. The gig at Aug 4th focused on promoting Dub, Dancehall, Dubstep and Drum & Bass.

The gig started off with Selekta Goad churning out Bassy tracks to atune the evening for some high energy. The set started at 9:30pm, with tunes after tunes of Dancehall and Dub-influenced Reggae. A strong Jamaican influence was seen in his set, with strong deep basslines and Rasta vocals reverberating across the dance floor. A lot of audience was seen grooving to his set in the front, which slowly led to more action from across the hall.

Dakta Dub took over deck duties at 11:00pm after an exhilarating GOAD set ending with dancehall. Dakta resumed the energy with some dancehall, slowly moving towards more active Dubstep. He slapped tunes after tunes of intense, mental Dubstep, passive in their own right and active with respect to their energies. “The whole aim was to keep the people dancing”, he jokes with laugh in his face.

Dakta Dub rode across genres like dancehall, Dubstep and Drum & Bass, preserving his own style and at the same time, intensifying the mood of the evening. Although the audience wanted requests like Hotel California and Electrohouse, they seemed to absolutely love what they were playing throughout the evening. Selekta Goad seemed to be absolutely enjoying the energy that he had created for Dakta Dub to take over during the latter’s set.

Shivacult’s visuals were something new for the audience, although they started much later during Goad’s set. Hues of Blue, yellow and sultry Red made way into his set along with captions and wordings that seemed very essential to educate the audience. It would be very difficult to explain an abstract visual set in terms of words, but Shivacult seemed to have done a great job, from the way audience seemed to be enjoying the visuals, by cheering for abstract imagery and making Shadow graffiti with the hands.

Concluding by the energy at 2:30am when the gig ended, the evening was a grand success, thanks to the fantastic DJS, visuals and not to forget the audience who were lost in sound. The gig ended with a tribute to some special entities in the Underground music culture.